Infoähky in English

Infoähky is the grand annual ball of the Information Networks guild Athene. This year we are celebrating the 19-year-old Athene on Friday 16th of November.

The festivities begin with a cocktail party at the CS-building. After enjoying a delightful cocktail hour busses will take us to the intimate gala dinner held at Restaurant Sipuli's Talvipuutarha. To finish the night with a bang the rambunctious afterparty will be held at a secret location. On the following day the party goes on with the sillis-party Purkusessio at the Rantasauna in Otaniemi.

Friday 16.11.2017

16.00 Cocktail Party, CS-building, Konemiehentie 2
18.00 Busses to the gala diner leave
19:00 Gala Dinner, Talvipuutarha, Ravintola Sipuli, Kanavaranta 7
00.00 Afterparty, secret location X

Saturday 17.11.2017

12.00 Purkusessio, Rantasauna, Vastaranta 1


The grand annual ball is the most prestigious party in the guild has and calls upon careful preparation. A gentleman's behaviour is vital in creating the festive atmosphere. Good manners and grace are expected and if you are not sure how to handle the situation you can always learn from your neighbours.

The dresscode for men is either a dress suit/tailcoat or a dark suit. For women the event is a perfect excuse to pamper themselves as the dresscode is a full-length evening gown. The style and colour is up to your own taste but let’s leave the full white gowns to the weddings.

The getting ready to the annual ball can get very expensive. The festivities itself will be more cheaper as the attendance fee(80 e) covers everything from the gala dinner, transportation and even the cloakrooms. Instead it is recommendable to have cash for additional drinks and a cab if you wish to spend the night somewhere else than Otaniemi.

International students

As International students, you have the possibility to help with arranging the festivities with the freshmen, attend the whole festivities or only attend the after party.

The freshmen of Athene are traditionally working in different roles in the annual ball festivities. Helping in creating this magical event is not only fun but also very exciting. The roles differ from serving punch at the cocktail party, serving food and drinks in the after party. While helping you can easily get new friends of the guild members and also enjoy the parties especially the after party (if your not working there). Venla will inform you more about helping with the arrangements.

The attendance fee to the whole annual ball festivities (including cocktail-party, Gala Dinner, after party) is 80 euros for students, but if this feels like too much for you it is possible to only to attend the afterparty which costs 5 euros. If you wish to attend the whole festivities(cocktail party, gala dinner, afterparty, sillis) contact Venla, she will help you with the arrangements and registration.

Tukemassa Infoähkyä