Operations and EiR-Community Manager

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Helsinki
  • 30.9.2021

Website Coventures

Coventures builds meaningful digital ventures with corporations

Coventures is a platform and community for experienced Entrepreneurs, who we like to call Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EiRs), to build new ventures together with established companies. We have grown to a tight community of 15+ Entrepreneurs and our target is to continue growing the community rapidly. We have kept our overhead to a minimum, but as we continue growing we need to complement our core team with one more person.

Now, this is a rare opening to join our team even when you’re a bit earlier in your career. You would take on responsibilities directly from the founders regarding project and community management supporting our platform’s growth.


Role description:

  • Either full-time, or if student then possibly 3d/week transforming to full-time when graduating.
  • As we take on more projects, you will ensure that our project delivery evolves to a more systematic direction. You will design systems and processes to ensure that both EiRs and Clients are happy, projects get delivered on time, and improve the operational processes regarding e.g. billing, communication, and knowledge sharing.
  • You will also have a steady pulse on the community’s health. You’ll be in regular contact with our EiRs and ensure our platform develops to suit their needs. This will involve communicating directly with our EiRs, gathering feedback from both clients and EiRs, and also organizing events and fun.
  • You should be organized and system/process-oriented. In your role we’d love you to independently contribute with designing / improving also other operational processes related to other parts of our business like e.g. billing, finances, funding related reporting, marketing, knowledge base, recruiting, etc. – In this role, you’ll not only be responsible for developing the processes but you’ll also take ownership of the process in question and will be very hands-on getting stuff done.
  • You could also support our EiRs in various venture-building projects based on your individual skillset and motivation. This is a possible growth avenue for your career and development.
    In summary, in your role you will be helping us to systematize and run many operations on the platform to ensure that our community can keep growing, and our EiRs are happy.


You might be a great fit for this role if:

  • You’re fairly early in your career, maybe you’re graduating soon or you already have a few years of experience in work life.
  • You’re passionate about what we’re building and enthusiastic about joining our core team. You’ll see a path for growth here.
  • You’re process-oriented and have demonstrated experience in keeping projects and tasks on track in complex environments.
  • You’re great with people and have a sixth sense in understanding their motivations and you’re usually described to be a warm and easily approachable personality.
  • You have excellent communication and writing skills in English, Finnish being a big plus. In case you’re not Finnish you should still be very connected to the Finnish startup ecosystem.
  • You have very high standards for quality when it comes to delivering your work. Also, any design, and particularly visual design skills, are a huge plus.


We offer:

  • We are building something unique that can have a huge impact in the world. Our vision is a world where corporations and entrepreneurs can truly work together in creating meaningful impact ventures.
  • If you’re very ambitious, then this is the place for you. As our first non-EiR hire to the core team, you’ll be working solely with the founders and our senior entrepreneurs so there is a great opportunity to learn fast and be on an exceptionally fast career growth path. The skill-set of entrepreneurship is our core capability, so there probably isn’t a better place to learn it.
  • This is a generalist position in a fast-growth setting, so as we grow we can support your career path to get you the position of your dreams.


How To Apply(via thehub):

  1. Include us a short video telling us who you are and why you are interested in joining the team. This can be quite casual and you don’t need to explain your whole resume in this video. Rather, we’d like to know how you’re like. You can e.g. film this with your phone (the mobile interface of the Hub allows this). You can do this in Finnish or English.
  2. Include your resume or Linkedin profile
  3. If you want include also a short letter, which highlights your relevant skills, motivation for the role and helps up notice the relevant experience from your resume.

You can also send an email / informal cover letter  to marko@coventures.io

To apply for this job please visit thehub.io.