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Expense Claim Form

In 2023, only electronic expence claims are approved. Expense claims are sent through this form:

Any questions can be directed to

The form requires logging in with your Google-account. If you don’t have a Google-account or don’t want to use it, contact treasurer to work out your expense claim:

Billing Information

Informaatioverkostojen kilta Athene ry
Business ID: 1971299-9
Contact person in all billing matters is the treasurer of the board.

We prefer e-invoices or PDF email invoices. Please make term of payment at least 14 days, so that there is time to approve the invoice at a board meeting.

Electronic Invoices

Electronic invoice address: FI2766100000006502
Electronical Data Interchange ID (EDI): 003719712999
Operator: AABAFI22

PDF Invoices

Invoices can be sent to

Paper Invoices

We ask that invoices are primarily sent electronically.

Informaatioverkostojen kilta Athene ry
PL 15400
00076 AALTO