Guild of Information Networks


Joining the Guild

International Students

If you are studying Information Networks or Engineering Psychology, the most common way to join a guild is by making a membership application and paying the fee 10 €. You can also pay the fee at the guild room in cash if there is a board member present.

Membership application

NOTE for international students! All international students under the guild of Athene are considered as students of Information Networks or Engineering Psychology, even though that is not your program.

You can also join the guild even if you don’t study Information Networks or Engineering Psychology, as long as you are a member of AYY (have paid the AYY fee in the beginning of the year). If you are not a member of AYY you can join as an outside member.

Payment Information

If you have MobilePay, you can pay membership fee via this link

Amount: 10.00€
IBAN: FI36 6601 0001 0650 51
Reference: 99105

Separately Paid Membership Fee

The annual due date for the membership fee is October 1st. The membership fee is valid for the academic year and remains in effect until the end of the academic year (July 31st). For those joining as members between May 1st and the end of the academic year (July 31st), the first membership fee includes the current academic year as well as the following academic year.

You can pay the membership fee independently according to the payment instructions provided above (bank transfer, MobilePay, or cash at the guild room).

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